How to Uninstall Programs on Mac?

For Mac users it is quite hard for them to uninstall programs in their computers unlike the Windows based system. Mac platform is not equipped with the Add/Remove Programs that will remove the programs installed in the Mac. For Mac users it is important to know how to uninstall programs on Mac computers to make it easier for them.

Two types of Mac “Uninstall Programs Helper” Software

If Mac users would only knew that uninstalling applications on their Mac OS is quite simple. You just need to move the selected application in the trash bin but doing this will not surely remove these programs completely. There are two kinds of programs that run on Mac computers, the bundled programs that can be removed by removing it simply in the Trash bin and the other one is the non-bundled programs that need additional manual way to clean it up completely after moving it to the Trash bin. Sometimes when these programs are not completely removed in your Mac system, some settings and small files that come with the application might take up some space in your hard drive. They need to be uninstalled completely to ensure efficiency in your Mac’s performance.

Third party apps that assist you to Uninstall Programs on Mac

There are programs in your Mac that can be done manually and these include the shortcuts, support files and program preferences. This is quite a time consuming process and if you want to make it faster it is advisable to use third party uninstaller software tools that will remove the non-bundles programs as well as other files that are associated with it. There are a lot of software tools that can handle the uninstalling of applications in the Mac platform that are quite easy to use and offers different features. If you want to consider using these tools it is necessary to do a research regarding freeware tools that is best in removing programs in your Mac computers without the need to spend too much. You might want to consider the following third party uninstaller programs for your Mac system:

  1. AppCleaner Uninstaller Software: This is freeware software tools that completely remove applications and detect any left behind support files and program preferences and then remove it too in your hard disk. This works only for Mac OSX platform. You can uninstall the program by simply selecting the programs that you want to remove and place it in the AppCleaner application and another way is too look for the programs in the hard drive using the AppCleaner and then select from the search results and delete them easily.
  2. AppTarp Uninstaller Software: This is also an open source and free software tool for uninstalling the programs and even the supporting files and preferences. You can add preferences to the software pane to the system preferences that will enable you to monitor the files that you move into your trash. And once you remove applications using it a pop-up window will appear that will verify you to remove also its associated files.

If you want to know how to uninstall programs on Mac platform, better determine first what kind of programs it is and choose the right third-party application that will completely remove it efficiently and less expensive.

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