How to Uninstall the Programs on Mac?

Know these Simple Tips for You

Most Mac users would wonder how to uninstall programs on Mac computers? When uninstalling programs on Mac OS X platforms this is far different from uninstalling the programs on Windows platform. Mac OS X does not have the same Windows Registry that has uninstaller package in it. In Windows platform uninstalling the applications can be done by running the Add/Remove Program found under the control panel. This does not exist in Mac OS platform. Mac users simply move the bundled applications by dragging into the Trash bin but for unbundled programs this might not be applicable because some associated files with it cannot be removed completely.

To determine first whether the application is bundled or not, right click on the application. Mac OS X applications such as iTunes and Safari are bundled. They are usually located under the Application folders on your Mac hard drive. Uninstalling these applications can be done by simply dragging it to the Trash bin. Sometimes uninstalling the application in Mac system leaves program preferences, support files and other associated files of the application. This can be removed manually and safely but this can take up the hard disk space when left unnoticed. The Preference files are usually located in the Preference folder found in the Library options.

On the other hand, support files of applications can be located anywhere in your hard drive and this can also take up a lot of memory space. Some of applications that have large associated files are the Garageband and DVD Studio Pro. These are found under the Application Support folder still under the Library folder. If you want to uninstall the application be sure that you close all the programs and this is not running. However doing this way to uninstall the application will not completely remove the application as well its support and preference file.

You can resolve this problem by using third party uninstaller programs that uninstaller the applications as well its preference programs and its associated files. This usually look for the applications as well its support files that you wish to uninstall and then a simple click from the application will remove these completely. It is widely available today and works with the Mac platform. Some of the third party uninstaller on Mac computers is the AppZapper, AppTrap and MacKeeper. Some of this third party uninstaller comes fro free but performs uninstalling the applications completely.

Knowing how to uninstall programs on Mac is necessary to remove it completely from the Mac system. Uninstalling the programs on Mac platform is quite different from Windows platform that has Add/Remove Programs utility. Although programs on Mac can be remove by a simple drag on the Trash bin icon however this do ensure that the associated files of the applications will be removed out in the system. If this is overlook this can consume the hard disk space. Most Mac users prefer to use third party uninstaller when removing the programs in their Mac system because this can remove the applications safely and efficiently.

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